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  1. Worldcaregivers does not provide any guaranty whatsoever as to
    1. any quantity of traffic whatsoever on the site;
    2. the number of job opportunities that may be posted or offered through the site;
    3. the number of employer members at any time;
    4. the number of views your profile receives; or
    5. your contact or engagement by any employer.
  2. The placement/ranking of your profile in a given search page/search pages may be subject to various parameters implemented by Worldcaregivers through its premium service or otherwise.
  3. In the event you advise Worldcaregivers that you are affiliated with an agent, you authorize Worldcaregivers to take action/not take action based on the instructions of such agent, the whole without any liability whatsoever to Worldcaregivers.
  4. Unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing by Worldcaregivers, Worldcaregivers has not conducted any background check or other investigation of any kind relating to an employer, any person within such employer’s employee (or for whom it/he/she is otherwise responsible at law), or any person in such employer’s household or otherwise, and you acknowledge that Worldcaregivers shall not be liable in any manner for any action whatsoever of any such employer, person in such employer’s employ (or for whom such employer is responsible at law) or household, etc. Subject to any explicit statement to the contrary contained on this site, you acknowledge that:
    1. you alone (and/or your agent, subject to the terms of any agreement that you may have with an agent, as and if applicable) are responsible for assessing all aspects of an employer and your compatibility with such employer and the persons referred to above; and
    2. Worldcaregivers is only providing a tool through which caregivers and potential employers may connect.
  5. You are alone responsible for maintaining your profile as up to date. However, you acknowledge that Worldcaregivers, following its receipt of reasonable evidence of your engagement/hiring, has the authority to indicate on your profile that you have been hired/engaged and are no longer seeking employment, the whole without liability to Worldcaregivers in the event information received thereby proves to be false – you are requested to frequently check your profile to ensure accuracy and report any incorrect information to Worldcaregivers. Furthermore, in the event that you indicate to Worldcaregivers that you are affiliated with an agent, such agent shall have the authority to indicate on your profile that you have been engaged/hired and are no longer seeking employment or to advise Worldcaregivers of your engagement/hiring, following which Worldcaregivers may indicate same on your profile without any liability whatsoever as stipulated above.

Last updated: May 30, 2021

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